MCB Overview


MCB is the first and unique Credit Bureau in the Republic of Macedonia which operates in order to provide our users safe business environment and safe operation through the process of business decision making and to advance the operation. The Bureau was founded based on the specially made Law on the Credit Bureau (Official Gazette of RM No.81/2008, 24/2011 and 166/2014) by the Clearing House KIBS AD Skopje as a Company owned by the Banks.

MCB administers the unique system in the Republic of Macedonia which collects, processes and exchange data about the liabilities of the physical persons and legal entities in order to provide information on obligations and regularity in fulfilment of obligations. MCB is available with the largest and daily updated database which offers the unique possibilities for protection from risky activities through successful management and risk undertaking that could be controlled. Our system is used by all Banks, Savings Banks, Financial Companies, Companies for Financial Leasing, Other Credit Providers, The Public Revenue Office, The Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of RM, The Town of Skopje and The Local Self-Government Units, the service providers from the field of Communal Utilities, Energetics and Telecommunications, the other legal entities which provide services on the bases on which appear obligations for the legal entities and physical persons and, the physical persons which are not considered as sole trader based on the Law on Trade Companies.

MCB provides unique possibility for our users to increase the collect of depth. Our users can register their claims and their debtors through specially designed platform and feel the benefits from the unique service in the Republic of Macedonia.

In the future we are consistent to our vision and mission and in the efforts to keep up to the positive worlds practices. We believe that MCB shall become unavoidable link and standard for the operation of all economic entities in the Republic of Macedonia.