Better insight for lesser Risk.

MCB becomes indispensable link of the modern and safe operation. Our services satisfy the need for safe and more secure business; they serve as a protective mechanism for the evaluation of the operations risk and help us to come out easily on the market to find safer client and business partner and to bring the risk at the minimum.



Personal Report

Personal Report
is a document in written or electronic form prepared by MCB based on the data collected on the liabilities of the Subject of Data, physical person or legal entity.

The Personal Report contains complete data on the liabilities of the Subject of Data regarding the type and the amount of the liabilities, the regularity in their fulfillment, the identity of the Providers of Data and the identity of the Users of Data who applied for Report from MCB in the previous year for that Subject of Data. The Data concerning to liabilities emanating from Credits, Warranties, Letters of Credit, Loans, Credit Cards, Financial Leasing, Insurance, Liabilities based on Taxes, Liabilities based on Telecommunication Services, Liabilities for Services from the field of energetics, Communal Fees, Taxes, Contributions as well as liabilities based on the use of other services.

Users Report

Users Report
is a Report which the User of Data may apply for certain Subject of Data (physical person or legal entity) to serve him for making quick and economic justified business decisions.

Only the member of MCB has the right to apply for Users Report.
MCB may prepare and deliver a Report to the User of Data exclusively based on the previously given written consent by the Subject of Data, if he is a physical person. The written consent of the Subject of Data is not necessary if MCB acts upon court writ. MCB shall deliver the report in electronic form protected in a manner the document shall not be legible during delivery.

The user of data can choose the type of Report which he can select from the list of samples offered by MCB. Follow samples of User Reports.


Monitoring is the most advanced tool which enables regular information on the changes of the status of the clients. For successful operation is not enough to obtain current and relevant information only for the primary evaluation of the potential clients. It is necessary always to know the factual situation. This service enables to monitor the conduct of the clients in real time and establishing procedures for early warning.

The users of Monitoring Service can automatically survey on daily basis, upon unlimited number of subjects.
  • To obtain the first signs about the changes in the operation of the Subject
  • To anticipate the problems that may occur in the operation of the Subject in advance before they appear
  • To undertake concrete and in time actions.

ASIS (Alarm System for Information of Subjects)

ASIS (Alarm System for Information of Subjects) is information System of MCB, which enables the Subjects of Data, to receive e-mail messages about the situation and changes in their credit file. MCB sends messages for the changes occurred in the credit file on e-mail address of the service user given in the application for that service, i.e on e-mail address entered during the process of registration in MOJ.MKB portal.
 User of this service can be any physical person or legal entity who: 
  • possesses active e-mail inbox and
  • chose one of the offered services


Complaint is a procedure which enables any physical person or legal entity to disprove the accuracy or the whole data contained in the report, after making insight in his Personal Report. If he considers that some data are incorrect or incomplete he shall be recomnended to make complaint and disprove those data.

Accuracy of Data

Providers of Data are responsible for the accuracy of data. They are obliged to deliver complete and correct data and to make their regular corrections and updating.

How to determine the existence of incorrect or incomplete data?
The Subject of Data may notice incorrect, unupdated or incomplete data in two ways:
  • - Through Personal Report in which he can see data which he thinks is incorrect, un-updated or incomplete;
  • - Through making insight in the Users Report that has been downloaded by a member of MCB for that person.

In that case the Subject of Data may submit Request for Correction / Amendment of data in MCB which shall be delivered to the Provider of Data from whom the disproved data originate.

During the period from receiving the Complaint in MCB to its solution, in all reports which the Users of Data will receive shall contain the information that the liability for which the complaint was made has been disproved.

The Provider of Data is obliged to complete the checkup of data within 10 days from receipt of the notification for the disproval the completeness and/or accuracy of data.

  • If the Provider of Data accepts the Complaint from the Subject of Data he is obliged to correct the data, and MCB shall notify the Users of Data which have downloaded for the Subject of Data within last 2 months providing them with new corrected report.
  • If the Provider of Data does not accept the complaint the remark “Liabilities Disproved” is taken away from the reports and shall notify the Subject of Data.
  • If the Provider of Data does not respond to the complaint within determined 10 days, MCB shall temporary delete the opposed responsibility in the report, until receipt the reply from the Provider of Data and shall make a remark in the report that the obligation (quating the reference number) is under procedure of complaint at the Provider of Data.
Which data can be disproved?

The Subject of Data has the right to disprove any personal data or data concerning the liability from the report if he considers that it is incorrect or incomplete. The personal data for which correction the Provider of Data was not informed shall be excluded (eg. if the Subject of Data has not informed the Provider of Data for the change in mailing address, change of surname and similar). In that case it shall be considered that the Provider of Data has supplied correct data, because he has provided the latest valid data for which he was informed. For that reason, disproving the personal data is best done directly to the Provider of Data before who has given data about him in the MCB.