A physical person can ask for Personal Report for himself by electronic way on the following address baranje@mkb.mk.

The physical person is obliged to possess a valid Digital Certificate issued by the accredited certificate providers:
KIBS AD Skopje or Makedonski Telekom AD Skopje.

By the aid of electronic certificate issued in the name of the physical person who applied for Personal Report, is determined the identity of that person.
In order to protect the Report which shall be delivered in electronic form to be illegible during delivery, MCB shall crypt by public code from the digital certificate of the physical person, which, he, previously applies to MCB.

The physical person shall sign the message digitally if he uses MS Outlook, through which he sends the necessary documents on baranje@mkb.mk.

If the physical person uses free internet provider such as (yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc ), the public code shall be delivered by signing the Application for Personal Report.