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What is personal report

Personal Report is a document in written or electronic form, prepared by MCB based on the data collected for the liabilities of the legal entities.

The Personal Report contains data for the legal person regarding the liabilities for Credits, Endorsements, Warranties, Letters of Credits, Loans, Transactions Accounts, Credit Cards, Financial Leasing, Liabilities based on Taxes, Liabilities for Telecommunication Services, Liabilities for Services from the field of Energetics, Utilities fees, Taxes, Contributions as well as liabilities based on use of other services.

The Personal Report contains the identity of all Providers of Data as well as the identity of all Users of Data which have applied for report from MCB in the previous year for that legal person.

Who can apply for personal report?

Personal Report may ask only the authorized person of the legal entity.

The authorized person of the legal entity can ask for Personal Report through other employee, who, obligatory has to submit Power of Attorney signed by the person authorized to represent and verified by official seal.

The Personal Report can be obtained unlimited number of times and there is no obligation to state the reason for the application.


You can obtain one Personal Report by one application.

How to apply for personal report?

  • ONLINE through our web page on MOJ.MKB portal
  • By Digital Certificate on и
  • Personally at the premises of MCB

How to pay and Submit Documents?

You can pay for the Personal Report with PP30 Money Order in the Bank and by e-banking, or in the MCB’s premises, with payment card.

After submitting the necessary documents, the Personal Report shall be issued to the person authorized for representation or other employee. The person authorized to represent shall prove his identity by document for personal identification. If the Personal Report is issued to the other employee, he shall prove his identity with a document for personal identification and presents a Power of Attorney signed by the person authorized to represent and certified by official seal.

The Documents for personal identification serve solely for insight and determination of the identity, MCB does not make copies of the same and does not keep them in the file for the Subject of Data.