MCB Overview


MCB is the first and unique Credit Bureau in the Republic of Macedonia which operates in order to provide our users safe business environment and safe operation through the process of business decision making and to advance the operation. The Bureau was founded based on the specially made Law on the Credit Bureau (Official Gazette of RM No.81/2008, 24/2011 and 166/2014) by the Clearing House KIBS AD Skopje as a Company owned by the Banks.



Our vision is to be a partner of trust for our users in order they can make safely decisions and successfully create their future.


Our mission is to provide high quality information and services which shall help our users to keep their liquidity and to control the financial risks successfully.

Chronology of the Most Important Events

  • The Association of Banks within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia discussed the need to establish the new institution and the Banks to appear as the founders of the first private Credit Bureau in the Republic of Macedonia in order to accelerate the process for the encirclement of the financial system and to improve the credit informative system for making effective credit decisions for minimum credit risks.
  • A Law on the Credit Bureau was passed (Official Gazette of RM No 81/2008) which has created the Legal Framework for the establishment of the Credit Bureau.
  • The Association of Banks within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia made a conclusion that the Clearing House, KIBS AD Skopje as a Company founded by the Banks shall appear as a founder of the first private Credit Bureau in the Republic of Macedonia.
  • A foundation Assembly of the MCB has been held and the Managing Board has been established.
  • The Company entitled the Macedonian Credit Bureau AD Skopje was registered in the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia on 24.12.2008.
  • For the operation of the MCB was created technical and technological modus operandi.
  • The Directorate for Personal Data Protection has approved the Acts regarding the protection of personal data.
  • A sophisticated Data Complaint System was established.
  • MCB started collecting data from its members and creating its own database.
  • MCB published its public webpage
  • MCB started issuing Reports on Debts and the Regularity of Fulfillment of Liabilities of the Subjects of Data (physical persons and legal entities).
  • A new type of service entitled “Monitoring” was introduced for the members.
  • The first issue of the Informative Magazine MCB FACTOR was published.
  • The first Report of the World Bank Doing Business was published which evaluate the special improvements of the Republic of Macedonia in the segment of Access to Credit.
  • A new technical solution for Data Exchange with legal entities – Members of MCB was created.
  • The quality of the database and the products of MCB was improved.
  • Law on Amendments to the Law on Credit Bureau was adopted (“Official Gazette of RM No.166/2014).
  • The appearance and functionality of the web page was improved.
  • A new internet platform MOJ.MKB for e-application for obtaining personal reports of physical persons and legal entities was created.
  • A new Informative service ASIS for automatic delivery of e-messages for tracing the conditions and changes in the credit file was introduced.
  • An Innovation Committee as a special working body was founded.
Board of Directors

Blagica Zdravkovska

Chairman of the Board of Directors

 Toni Trajanov, MSc

Executive Member of the Board of Directors
and CEO of MCB

 Zorancho Aleksov, PhD

non-executive and independent member of the Board of Directors

Legal Framework