ASIS (Alarm System for Information of Subjects) presents innovative system for tracking of all changes in the data concerning only for you, and they are all associated to your credit liabilities, transactions accounts, debit cards, endorsements and similar. ASIS is based on continuous tracking of changes which can cause potential problems for you. The basic idea upon which this service was created is obtaining information in real time.

The system shall automatically alarm you by sending you e-mail about the occurred changes in the data which seek your quick reaction. Are you sure when the credit installment is due or when your credit became dysfunctional? Are you sure that you have become a victim to stolen identity, and you shall pay a credit for which you have not applied for or you have become an endorser to a person you have no knowledge of? Do you know the state of you credit cards?

Always have advantage. Let us take care about you. And much more information for this....

Changes in the credit portfolio for which we are informing you:

1. A new Liability ,
2. Closing of Liability,
3. Registration of an Endorser and/or Co-credit applicant,
4. Registration of activated Endorser and/or Co-credit applicant,
5. Closing of Endorseр and/or Co-credit applicant,
6. Blocking of Accounts and Payment Cards ,
7. De-blocking of Accounts and Payment Cards
8. Unpaid liability with 30-60 days overdue,
9. Unpaid liability with 60-90 days overdue,
10. Unpaid liability with 90 days overdue

All you need to do is to

• Register here
• Choose one of the offered services
• Accept the General Terms for Use of the Services and
• To pay in one of the offered manners of payment