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ASNE (Alarm System for Notification of Entities) is an information service provided by MCB, which enables data subjects to receive e-mails about the status and changes in their credit file. MCB sends messages regarding:
1. New Liability (credit, credit cards, allowed transaction account overdraft etc.)
2. Liability Settlement
3. Application of an Endorser and/or Co-credit seeker
4. Application of an Activated Endorser and/or Co-credit seeker
5. Settlement of an Endorser and/or Co-credit seeker
6. Account and Card Blocking
7. Account and Card Unblocking
8. Outstanding Liability with a 30-60 days delay
9. Outstanding Liability with a 60-90 days delay
10. Outstanding Liability with over 90 days delay

The messages will be sent to the e-mail address of the user entered during the registration at MOJ.MKB web portal.

All legal entities who have a 3, 6 or 12-months subscription to the ASNE service have the opportunity to purchase their Own Report at a privileged price of 700,00 Macedonian denars during the subscription period. After the expiration of the subscription period, the cost of the Own Report will be set back to its regular price determined with MCB tariff.


3 months
600,00 Macedonian denars


6 months
900,00 Macedonian denars


12 months
1.200,00 Macedonian denars