Macedonian Credit Bureau



Data Correction


Data correction, i.e. a complaint is a procedure that offers each and every physical and legal entity to question the data accuracy and completeness included into the PERSONAL REPORT. If some of the data is regarded as incorrect or incomplete, the client is advised to complain and question the data.
Data accuracy
Data providers are responsible for the data accuracy. They are obliged to submit complete and accurate data as well as to provide regular update and correction.
How can incorrect or incomplete data be identified?
The incorrect or incomplete data can be identified in two ways: through the PERSONAL REPORT and through the insight into the User’s Report, withdrawn by the member of the MCB for the concerned entity. In such case the data client may submit a Request for correction/amendment of data in MCB, which will be proceeded to the Data provider responsible for the questioned data.
From the moment of receiving the complaint in MCB until solving it out, all reports received by the Data Users will contain information that the suspicious liability has been questioned.