What is personal report?

Personal Report is a Document in written or electronic form made by MCB based on the data collected for the liabilities of the physical persons.

The Personal Report contains data on the physical person regarding the liabilities for Credits, Warranties, Co-credit applications, Transactions Accounts, Payment Cards, Financial Leasing, Insurance, Liabilities based on taxes, Liabilities for Telecommunication Services, Liabilities for the services from the field of energetics, Utility fees, Taxes, Contributions, as well as liabilities based on use of other services.

The Personal Report contains the identity of all Providers of Data, who asked for Report from MCB for that person in the previous year.

Why do you need personal report?

Do you want to apply for any service in any Commercial Bank?
Or maybe you request for extension of Subscriber Agreement with your current Telecommunication Provider?
Or you are applying for credit for buying on installments of home appliances, TV/Audio/Video, PC and other things in our larger markets?
Do not bring yourself in a position your application to be denied as a result of a small debt on your Transactions Account or a commission for the same. Take the matter in your hands, check the data which the Providers of Data are supplying for you in the MCB and assure yourself that your due liabilities are fulfilled.
Create your own habit to check your Personal Report or subscribe to our especially created for you the new service ASIS which, through delivering e-mails, shall inform you regularly for all changes in your credit portfolio.


Who can apply for personal report?

Each physical person may apply for Personal Report for personal use.

The Personal Report can be issued unlimited number of times and it is not necessary to emphasize the reasons for the application .

You can get one Personal Report by a single application.

How to apply for personal report?

You can apply for Personal Report in two ways:

• ONLINE through our web page on MOJ.MKB portal
• With digital certificate on baranje@mkb.mk
• Personally at the premises of MCB