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Own Report

Credit indebtedness can be checked through the Own Report issued by MCB. Own Report is a document in written or electronic form, prepared on the basis of data on the liabilities of physical or legal entities, submitted by the data providers.
This Report can show whether and where some legal entity has liabilities based on credits, warranties, letters of credit, endorsement, allowed transaction accounts overdraft, payment cards, taxes, contributions, fees, telecommunications services, services in the field of power industry, utility fees, liabilities based on using other services, as well as to check the delay history of each liability individually within the last 24 months.
The Own Report contains the same data on a real-time Transaction Account Freeze, which can be also found in the Report on Transaction Account Freeze.
Each legal entity may request and receive the Own Report only for its company. This Report can be requested online through MOJ.MKB web portal by creating a user profile at the following link, or directly at the MCB premises in Skopje, where the authorized person (Manager) of the legal entity can request the Own Report of the company with an ID card or through another employee with a power of attorney certified with a stamp and signed by the Manager.

The price of the Own Report for a legal entity is 600,00 Macedonian denars (3 months promotion).