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Personal Report


The Personal Report issued by the MCB offers insight into the credit indebtedness. The Personal Report is a paper or digital document prepared on the basis of the data regarding the liabilities of the physical and legal entity, submitted by the Data Users.
It shows if one physical entity has liabilities regarding credits, warranty, allowed overdraft on transaction account, cards, taxes, telecommunication services, services in the field of energy, communal payments, liabilities regarding other services as well as history survey on delayed payments in the period of the last 24 months.
This Report includes the same data on the frozen accounts in a realistic time/currently, which can also be found in the Report of blocked transaction accounts.
The Personal report is obtained online through the MOJ.MKB portal by opening a personal user profile on the following link, or in person at any branch of Central Cooperative Bank AD Skopje, across the country. The person can request the Personal Report in person just by showing an ID; the same can also be done by another person providing a power of attorney sealed and signed by a notary public.