Can I as a Physical Person, Subject of Data apply for and obtain solely Personal Report, or if I provide data for other physical persons or legal entities which I have received for example, based on the Lease Agreements concluded with those persons and to become a Data Provider which shall provide an insight, in other words to ask for and get information for anyone from your database which in future shall help me to know whether I can conclude a contract with certain person or not?

You as a Physical Person can apply for Personal Report, which shall serve for your personal information for the data being kept by the MCB, but you can not either provide or give data for other physical person or legal entity.

The Law on the Credit Bureau (“Official Gazette of Republic of Macedonia” No. 81/98) provides who can become a Data Provider and User of Data.

If one Bank rejects an application, whether the other Bank shall do the same?

Approval of Credit, other financial service or product depend on the credit policy and the risk management policy which differ from one Bank to the other Bank. Then based on the same obtained Report from MCB, the Banks can make different decisions

What Type of Data is being provided from the Banks to MCB?

Banks provide Data on:
  • Credit Liabilities, per all Types of Credits,
  • Warranty Liabilities as the cocredit aplicants, Endorsers, Solidarity Liabilities and Liabilities from Warranties, Unpaid Letters of Credit and other,
  • Transactions Accounts with allowed Balance exceeds,
  • Payment Cards.

Whether MCB collect Data on my Income and Bank Deposits?

No. MCB collects data only for liabilities of the Subjects of Data but not for the incomes and Bank deposits.

Can anyone get a Report without my knowledge?

No. A User of Data can ask Data for you from MCB if you have given your written consent for that purpose, which means MCB shall prepare and deliver a Report to the User of Data exclusively based on the prior written consent of the person concerning the data. The Person shall give consent to issue a Report from MCB to the User of Data for exactly determined purpose. The Users of Data are obliged to use the Reports for the purpose for which the consent was granted.

Who shall be liable for the Accuracy of Data?

For the Accuracy of Data in the Reports the liability shall bear the Providers of Data because they provide the data to MCB while the MCB shall prepare the Report based on the received data without making changes or amendment of data.

Which kind of Data are provided to the MCB by the Providers of Data from the field of Utilities, Energetics and Telecommunications?

Providers of Services from the field of Utilities, Energetics and Telecommunications provide data on the due but unpaid liabilities per bills for delivered goods (Water, Electricity, Heating, Telecommunications and other) after due deadline expiry for pay of the asset. In the Report MCB shall present only the liabilities which are not paid longer than 60 days of the origination of the liability. The Provider is obliged regularly to report all changes of the previously liabilities (correction, partial or full payment of the debt).

Where and in what manner a Data could be disputed?

In order to dispute Data from a Report you can submit an Application for Correction – Amendment of Data to the MCB, to the Provider of Data from whom the disputed data originate or to the User of Data to whom the mistake was discovered.

What is our Advice to you?

We advice you to apply for Personal Report from MCB for the most simplest and most safe way to determine is there any incorrect or incomplete data which are provided for you and who has provided them. If you feel necessary to disaprove some data, you can personally do it in the MCB’s premises and to submit an Application for Correction – Amendment of Data, or you can send the Application to MCB signed and scaned on e-mail reklamacii@mkb.mk or posted on the mailing address Bul Kuzman Josifovski – Pitu No 1, 1000 Skopje.

Also, we advice you to apply for Personal Report always before you apply for any service in order to eliminate the possibility the user of data to see the incorrect data for you and eventually to deny your application for the service.

Within what deadline the Data correction is made?

After receipt of the Application for Correction – Amendment of Data to MCB within 5 days, MCB shall forward the application to the Provider of disputed Data who, within 10 days is obliged to check up the data and to report whether he shall accept or deny the complaint. If he accepts the complaint and makes correction he is obliged to provide the corrections to MCB.

After completion of the procedure MCB shall inform the Subject of Data for the acceptance of the complaint by the Provider of Data.

How the debtor history is made?

It is in your own interest to have good debtor history. You should know that, since you apply for a credit, you use a credit card or other type of service, you begin your debtor history and your behavior towards fulfillment of due liabilities shall be registered by MCB. Upon your application MCB shall prepare Personal Report for you which shall enable you to make insight in your debtor history, whereas:

  • You shall be enabled to check up data being kept for you by MCB;
  • You shall be provided a summary of liabilities you have and how you manage your finances;
  • You shall be enable to check whether there are any administrative errors, which may influence the possibility to obtain a credit or other type of service in future and
  • Also enable you to see what type of data may be seen by the user of data from whom you apply for credit or other service.

How can I file my financial state?

MCB can help you to improve your personal record and to prevent eventually to get bogged down in debt from that reasons. The cases are very often when citizens do not fulfill their liabilities because they are not keeping good records, especially when they use several credits and use credit cards and similar. Having insight in your Personal Report, you shall be enabled to file correctly your current indebtness and to determine when your liabilities are due. It shall help you to evaluate your financial capabilities for new obligations and to make right decisions which shall influence on your financial state.

What is Identity theft?

Identity theft means that your name, address, URN, Pay Card Number or other personal data was used without your knowledge or consent in order to make fraud or other type of crime.

The identity theft happens when cheaters get enough data to identify you to drain your accounts, to borrow money on your behalf and to indebt you.

How can I protect myself from financial fraud?

For your personal protection from fraud the most effective way is the Personal Report issued by MCB with regular control and insight into it. The Personal Report contain complete data on your liabilities per credits, pay cards, leasing, insurance, taxes, telecommunication services, services from the field of energetics and utilities, as well as other type of liabilities as an endorser, cocredit applicant or solidary debtor.

. The Report contains the identity of all Providers of Data and the identity of all Users of Data which had asked for Report with your Data during the previous year. The contents of the personal report shall enable you to notice some unusual activities such as a granted credit for which you had not have applied for or unexpected increase of debt on your credit card.

Your Personal Report is most effective tool in the battle against identity theft; therefore we recommend you make a regular control in order to protect your identity. The Report provides you with a summary of your liabilities and for the regularity of their fulfillment and you can very easy notice unfamiliar accounts and suspicious balances.

How MCB protect my Personal Data?

For us the protection of your personal data is most important thing. We take care and we are very careful in order to protect your privacy and we are obliged upon your request to inform you what data we are collecting for you, the sources of the data, the identity of the providers of data and the identity of each of user of data who had received report with your data during the last year. We manage responsibly with data which we are entrusted because we believe that this is very crucial for the development and maintenance of the confidence of the public, which is indispensable for your and our continuous success.