Membership in the MCB is not associated to a wish, but as a need

Pressed by the weight of your internal debt, the weak payments and the no liquidity as a direct consequence from the same, the businessmen seek from us a list of companies who are bad payers. We recommend you more effective solution.

Become a member of the MCB and create a new business style. You shall get a habit to protect your business because you shall be sure that you know very well your potential clients or business partners.

Are you one of those who believe you clients and partners? Forget that old habit.

Do you know that almost 80% of the unpaid claims are from the existing clients? We recommend you a solution to follow the changes that are happening to your collaborators.

By entering in effect of the Law on Financial Discipline the importance of the cooperation with those who shall pay you on time is increasing in order to prevent yourself to become a debtor. Always have in mind that the payment comes before the selling.