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Transaction account blockage report

The Report on Transaction Account Freeze contains real-time data on whether the transaction account has been frozen or not. If the account is frozen, the continuous days of the freeze are listed, containing details of every freeze: number of the freeze subject, name of the bank where the freeze is made, account number, amount of the freeze, reasons for the freeze and date and time when the freeze has been made. The data on the Transaction Account Freeze from the Unique Register for Transaction Accounts is obtained in real-time, i.e. at the moment of generating the report.
Any physical entity may request and obtain a Report on Transaction Account Freeze in person only.

The Report on Transaction Account Freeze can be requested online through MOJ.MKB web portal by creating a personal user profile at the following link, or directly at the MCB premises in Skopje with an ID of the person requesting the report or a power of attorney certified by a notary public.

The price of the Report on Transaction Account Freeze for physical entities is 100,00 Macedonian denars.