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What is a Personal Report?

Personal Report is a document that any physical or legal person may request personally in order to check their own credit indebtedness. It is prepared based on the data on all liabilities of the person related to:
all banks, savings banks, financial companies, leasing companies, other creditors, insurance companies, the Public Revenue Office, the City of Skopje and local self-government units, energy, telecommunications and utility companies, collection agencies for debt assumption, other legal entities and the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of North Macedonia.
At the same time, the Report provides information related to the transaction account of the entity – whether it has been blocked or not, including details of the blockage(s).


Why should I request a Personal Report and what are its benefits?

1. Through the Personal Report, you take control over your own credit indebtedness,i.e. you get full insight into all liabilities and thus have the power to manage them in order to prevent them from becoming unfunctional, prevent your account from being blocked or be sued for a certain debt.


2. Through the Personal Report, you protect yourself from excessive payments. For example, you may notice a debt in the Report which has unfunctional status or is overdue, and has not yet been sent to an Enforcement Agent, so that way you get a warning to undertake certain measures about it. Thus, you protect yourself from paying further default interests, various enforcement costs, legal fees etc.


3. Through the Personal Report, you protect yourself from stressful situations. Namely, before applying for a loan/credit, you can request your Personal Report and get an insight into all your debts and account status. That way, you will have information about your state and whether you should undertake some steps or measures in order to avoid the unpleasant situation of being rejected for the loan/credit.


4. Also, when you expect an inflow of funds on your transaction account, especially a larger amount, it would be recommended to request a Personal Report, so that you can check whether your account is blocked or not. If the account is blocked, you will not be able to receive the funds until it gets unblocked. This account can be indebted for a larger amount towards a certain creditor who has filed a request for blockage.


5. If you live and work abroad and would like to make a purchase and sales transaction, it would be recommended to request a Personal Report previously, especially after a long absence from the country, so that you can check the status of your liabilities and the transaction account, and what further steps you would need to take in order to have an untroubled transaction.


How to obtain the Personal Report?

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 The Personal Report can be obtained online, quickly and easily. You can get it through MOJ.MKB web portal..

All instructions related to the procedure for obtaining the Report can be found here.