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Macedonian Credit Bureau (MCB) is the first and the only credit bureau in Macedonia whose aim is to provide its clients a safe business environment and stable steps throughout the process of making business decisions and work improvement. It was founded upon a special Law of Credit Bureau ( Official Gazette of RM No. 81/08, 24/11, 199/14, 192/15 and 83/18) by the Clearing House Clearing Interbank systems AD Skopje (KIBS AD Skopje), as a company in property of the banks.
MCB manages the one and only system in Macedonia which conducts activities such as collecting, processing and exchanging data about the liabilities of physical and legal entities in order to provide information on their debt accumulation or the regularity of their liability settlement. MCB runs the largest data base updated daily offering unique options for risk work protections through a successful management and taking controllable risks. Our system is used by all banks, saving houses, financial companies, companies for financial leasing, other credit providers, The Public Revenue Office, The Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of North Macedonia, the City of Skopje and units of the local management, service providers in the field of communal activities, energy and telecommunications, other legal entities that provide services which produce liabilities to other physical or legal entities, as well as physical entities that are not considered to be trade companies in accordance with the Macedonian Company Law.
MCB provides an original opportunity assisting the legal entities to increase the settlement of their claims. Using a special digital platform our clients can register their claims and debtors and experience the benefits of such a unique service in Macedonia.
We always remain devoted to our vision and mission following the world positive practices