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Corporate Report

Being in charge of a company means following all the incoming and outgoing information. Must be certain about your decisions before making a contract with a particular company! Ask the MCB for the Corporate Report!

User’s Reports

a Report which a bank, a financial company or another institution is requesting from the MCB in order to check on its client’s indebtedness.


Quick, easy and efficient following of the changes in the liabilities status using the most advanced tool. List the companies you would like to monitor.

International Reports

DEEPER INSIGHT FOR LESS RISK! Reports on creditworthiness of more than 200 million businesses from over 230 countries worldwide..

Own Report

Do not let yourself be rejected for a financial service you are applying for. Take out the Own Report from the MCB and take over the control.


Stay informed on all the changes regarding your personal file! Register for ACIS service and let us take care of you!