Alarm system

ASNE (Alarm System for Notification of Entities)

is an information service provided by MCB, which enables data subjects to receive e-mails about the status and changes in their credit file. MCB sends messages regarding:

1. New Liability (credit, credit cards, allowed transaction account overdraft etc.)

2. Liability Settlement

3. Application of an Endorser and/or Co-credit seeker

4. Application of an Activated Endorser and/or Co-credit seeker

5. Settlement of an Endorser and/or Co-credit seeker

6. Outstanding Liability with a delay of over 30 days

7. Outstanding Liability with a delay of over 90 days

8. Requested report for your liability (when applying for a service)

The changes are stored for the last 5 years of the first payment for the ASNE package. Recorded changes are showed even if ASNE is not activated.

*Under the term Liability are credits, leases, guarantees, accreditation, credit cards. Limits of a transactional account, foreign exchange accounts, taxes, contributions, telecommunications services, purchased receivables, invoices for utility and other services.


The messages are sent to the e-mail address of the user, which is inserted through the process of registration on the web-portal MojMKB.

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