Corporate report

Report on the creditworthiness offering quick and easy access to the data of the current or potential business partners.

The aim of issuing this report is to offer quick and easy access to the data which will help you make better business decisions, to improve the everyday performance, to increase the sales and to decrease the risk through a selection of solvent clients and partners. Request the Corporate Report and receive all the relevant data about:

1. Traffic light-indicator which indicates the business eligibility in 3 colors (green, yellow and red). Which color refers to the client is determined by a set of criteria such as the company’s legal status in terms of how active the company is, the blockade of transaction account in a realistic time/currently, financial indicators, its indebtedness as well as the regularity in liability settlement, etc.

2. Indebtedness and regularity in liability settlement, which is daily and monthly updated. (source of information is the MCB data base)

3. Information about the blocked account in real time/currently, which is updated at the moment of generating the report (source of information is the Register of transaction accounts)

4. Current balance of legal entities in real time, updated at the moment when generating the report

5. Annual accounts for legal entities, updated after the expiration of the legal deadline for submitting the annual accounts to the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia. 

The report can be withdrawn with individual
subscription or by choosing a package from the ones given bellow.

How to obtain a corporate report?

First you need to register as a legal entity at our web portal MOJ.MKB and sign an Agreement with the MCB:

Fill in the Agreement with information about your company, sign it and then submit a scanned copy to the 2 copies of the original documents are to be delivered to our mailing address:

St Dame Gruev nm.14, 1000 Skopje, the
Republic of Macedonia.

Corporate Report (template 1)

Corporate Report (template 2)

The price of the CORPORATE REPORT is 750,00
Macedonian denars + 18%VAT.