International reports

MCB in cooperation with the foreign partner, the Italian Credit Bureau CRIF S.P.A, offers a unique opportunity to the Macedonian companies to request International Reports with solvency information about more than 200 million companies from over 230 countries around the world.
These reports are intended for all Macedonian companies involved in international relations with partners, clients and suppliers from all over the world.
The International Reports offer a possibility of reducing the collaboration risk with current and future business partners.
They provide a quick and efficient insight into the business and financial ability of a certain company and facilitate the decision-making about continuing the cooperation with the existing, i.e. selection of new associates.

Below are quick and easy steps, for obtaining an International Report:

1. Sign an International Services Agreement and become a potential user of International Reports.
2. Fill out an International Report Request Form.
3. Get a notification from MCB about making a payment for the requested report.

You will receive the requested Report at the e-mail address specified in the Request Form, after completing the payment in accordance with the Tariff on International Service Fees.

You will receive the Report the same day or within 2-12 days, depending on the availability of data for the company for which the Report has been requested.

The International Reports usually include the following:
– Company Profile
– Credit Rating
– Risk Assessment
– Negative Events
– Change Log
– Financial Data
– Management Structure
– Ownership Structure
– Related Entities
– Registry Information
– Branches and Offices
– Bank Accounts
The contents of the Reports varies depending on the availability of data in the country from where it is requested.
The International Reports are available in English.
Below is the list of countries offering Reports for foreign companies:


– Albania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia
– Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Germany
– Greece
– Italy
– Great Britain
– Europe 1 (Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland)
– Europe 2 (other Western European countries)
– Europe 3 (other Central and Eastern European countries)
– Europe 4 (Nordic countries, Turkey)
– Africa
– Latin America
– Asia
– Middle East
– North America
– Oceania and other countries